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Droid File Manager

android-file-manager– With this Android file manager you can manage all your files and media on your Android device.
– Easily manage your android devices internal storage and SD card storage files.
– Sort and manage files and directories by Name, Type, Size, Date.
– Choose Light Theme or Dark Theme depending on your preference.
– You can view, edit, rename, move, sort, delete, zip, copy, paste, and search your android devices documents, images, videos, etc.
– Can choose two view formats Simple View or Detailed View.
– Ability to upload and share files and folders to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive etc.
– Create shortcuts for easy access to items on your phones home screen.
– Create Bookmarks in Droid File Manager.
– Can choose a default directory “folder” when opening Droid File Manager.
– Long press on a file or folder and select details for information such as size, date, etc.
– Highlighted directories show if they contain files or are empty.
– Quantity of documents located in a folder is shown.
– Ability to enable root access.
– Create new files or folders directly from Droid File Manager.
– Thumbnail images for easy viewing.
– Assists you in monitoring your Internal Storage and SD Card storage use, and the size that files are.
– Use the search feature to find a specific file.
– Zip and unzip files, folders, etc.

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